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With over 8 BILLION people on the planet, there is an audience for your expertise.  Start making and selling your own courses today.
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We build online courses

We empower passionate people to craft compelling online courses and find an audience. If you have the expertise, we’ve got the tools, guidance, and resources to help you succeed in the world of online education. From concept to curriculum, we guide you every step of the way.

Step 1

Get Started

Fill out our get started form by clicking the link below to schedule a call with you.

Step 2

Plan + Write

After our on-boarding process we will work with you to plan, outline and write your course.

Step 3


We will work with of you to film, edit and produce your course(s) no matter where you are.

Step 4


Once your course(s) are finalized, we will get them online, ready to sell and make money.

Step 5


Lastly, our marketing team will help get your course(s) seen by your audience so you can get paid!

Our Services

Protagonist CS Hosted Courses

For course creators who want to make and sell a small amount of courses and do not want (or need) their own platform. Once your course is created, sit back and wait to get paid!
  • We host your course(s) on our platform
  • We market for you
  • You get paid a percentage per sale
  • Get early access now for a discounted rate!

Self Hosted Platform

For course creators who want their own platform to sell their courses. Typically for anyone who has a lot of courses or who wants to collaborate with others in the same field.
  • We build your own platform & website to host and sell your courses
  • We help you setup and run all the marketing tools
  • We provide business coaching and help with audience development
  • We get paid a percentage per sale
  • Optional Mobile App

Courses include everything needed to teach your audience

Interactive video

Exceptional experiences with automatically extracted transcripts, quizzes etc.

Text material

Tools used by the world's top professionals. E-books, note-taking, surveys and more.

Assessments - Exams

Help them unlock their inner potential so they can excel in their professional field.

Certificate awards

Boost their confidence, master the field and become a certified professional.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

get started

No more excuses. Get your course created and online today!

Get started with us today. We will start by scheduling a call with you to ask some initial questions to see what package is best for you and if you are a good fit. After that we will create a roadmap to get your courses published and get you paid. 
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